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Fake ID & Novelty ID Review

fake id, driver's license, fake id template, identification, cards, fake driver license, free id template, id's, fake ids
Novelty id site reviews could make the difference between getting the novelty id you want I only now list good novelty id sites, if the fake id site is not listed on my board then be careful. I am always looking for new sites where you can buy fake ids, the bad novelty id places or scam fake id ones I leave out, so just because the novelty id site is not listed does not mean its a legit place to buy fake ids. When a fake id seller is not listed here, it is almost certain to be a scam novelty id outfit.  Stay away from any fake id sites posting their own reviews.


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There are  several fake id sites trying to get a decent fake ID for novelty use.

Thinking back on it ,what legit fake id site could accept checksfake ids After all they are selling fake ids and have to keep their location secret from being shutdown. I learned the hard way that these US novelty sites with mailing address are always guaranteed rip-offs! What you see is not what you will get!

After ordering from 3 sites in the US and getting nothing but useless ids at that point, I chose to create this novelty id site to get reviews and wait to see if there were any good fake ID sellers to buy from. Thanks to the outstanding response, I finally got the novelty id I was looking for, along with putting together what I feel is a very comprehensive list of good fake id suppliers and where to buy novelty id.

I have now added diploma sites since so many of you emailed me about them. I don't endorse any fake id or diploma suppliers.

This site is for informational purposes only, so don't email me where to buy fake id or what site I buy novelty id from. All I ask is that when you order from a novelty id source, please give me your input on the quality of the fake id you receive. It takes 2 minutes to send me an email about your novelty id so that I may continue to give others what I did not have. I am offering you the TRUTH on where to buy fake id! If you have been scammed or have an experience about another site not listed or about one that is, good or bad, email me.

I've been running this site for a while now, and the few hundred I lost trying to get my first novelty id doesn't really keep me motivated like it did in the beginning. If you would like to help run this site, know about fake id and keep it updated, I would like to hear from you. WE NEED TO KEEP IT REAL.

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